I was working on a document and it added thousands of blank pages

How can I get rid of them? I am using the most updated version.

I am working on a 34,000 word manuscript, and all of a sudden out of nowhere, the text jumped to 1100, then 5500 now it is 9,000 + pages, with only 126 actually having text.

Do the pages all have a manually page break? If yes, you might have accidentally switched on a page break in the paragraph style.


How can I figure out if that is the case? When I delete the thousands of extra pages, copy the text and paste it in a new document the same issue arises, only, with more pages added.

  1. You would see a dashed blue line between the pages (LibreOffice) or at the upper page text area (OpenOffice).

  2. Set the cursor into the first paragraph, top left on any of those pages. From the context menu (=right click) choose item “Edit Paragraph Style”. In tap “Text Flow” look in the middle and uncheck all options in the part labeled “Breaks”.

If this doesn’t help, you should provide the document for download.

I would Open the document go to the last line of the text you want. Press Ctrl+Shift+Home all at once to select the lines from that point back to the beginning of the document. Press Ctrl+C to copy the text.

Now start a new document, Press Ctrl+V to paste. Save with a new name. Close both files. Open the new file to ensure it is as you want it.

I am working in a 2013 17’’ Macbook Pro. There is no home key. Any other ideas?

Splendid news, my friend. There is no home key on my Macbook Pro. But at this list ofApple Keyboard Shortcuts I was able to find out how to select the entire text from the end back to the beginning, using COMMAND - SHIFT - UP ARROW. I copied, created a new document, and pasted, but that created a document with now 14,000 pages instead of 9,000.

Now going the other way, I selected the text from the end of the words to the end of the document …

… using COMMAND - SHIFT - DOWN ARROW - which highlighted one of my footnotes and deleted it. Then I repeated the entire command, and it highlighted all my text, an endnote and deleted the thousands of extra pages. I think the issue developed around the endnotes and footnotes, which I’ve deleted for now.

Alas, this issue remains unresolved. When I try to save the document after I delete the thousands of extra pages, LibreOffice freezes.

If the document is not confidential or too big for you to mail, I am willing to try to repair this for you. PM me if you want to do this

I am also having this problem on Ubuntu. Really seems insane all around. Anyone can help with this???
Doc was 16-17 pages, now is 17000. It is only the endnotes that have been seperated, it seems by the thousands of pages.

I have the same problem as above on Ubunto when I upgraded my Libre office to five as I thought it might be able to accept docx. If I save it in the old .doc or the new .docx most documents that I add to or change give me several extra blank pages. A 4page doc gives 10 that is adds 6 a 94 page doc gave 165 that is &" extra and if I don’t notice before printing it takes these pages through. mange to paragraph and the backspace then sorts it but it returns after saving.

I have the same problem. Running LO on Linux Mint 17.3.
This is a very annoying problem.

For a 100+ pages document, it might be better to use a master document structure.