I would like LO Writer to remember toolbars placement after close/re-open.


When I open LO Writer, I have the Zotero toolbar that appears in the first place, before the formatting toolbar. I want the formatting toolbar to be the first one, so I move it. The thing is if I close LO Writer and then re-open it, the Zotero toolbar is the first one again. How can I save the placement of toolbars so it stays the same after re-opening?

Thanks for your support!

Have you tried locking the toolbars once you have them in your required positions (right-click, Lock Toolbar Position)?

I didn’t try but now I did, and it doesn’t work. I’ve tested different setups, and it seems that if I move the toolbars around, quit then reopen, they do remain in place, so the problem is only with the Zotero toolbar. Every time I start LO Writer, the Zotero toolbar appears in first place, wherever I moved it beforehand. I guess this problem is relied to the Zotero Integration extension, or to the way LibreOffice load things on startup. Thanks for your support anyway!