I Would Like To Edit A Subdocument - But Don't Know Which

I have a master document (a rules or operating manual) containing about 400 subdocuments. My naming conventions no longer relate between Navigator file names (shown under F5) and the section heading used in the table of contents.

If I am in the master document collection and find an error that needs to be corrected in the subdocument, is there a way to find the particular subdocument without hunting through all the files shown in the Navigator? In other words, can I go directly from a chapter or section in the master document to the subdocument file without going through Navigator? Or something like that?

Thanks in advance,

With the cursor in the subdocument text, right-click and Edit Section. This opens the Edit Sections dialog. The section list at left displays all the sections, whether they’ve been manually inserted or come from subdocument inclusion. The one you were in is preselected (highlighted) and the file name box shows the subdocument filename.

Either open manually the filename by browsing until you find it, or scroll in the Navigator to the section name corresponding to the file (you may have changed the initial default name equal to the file portion of the subdocument path) and right-click to Edit.

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Works Beautifully. Thanks