I would like to have Impress play a video found on the Internet

I would like to have Impress play a video found on the Internet. I have been reading the manual and looking through the extensions and I don’t find an answer. The manual for Impress version 7.0 says that “insert media” gives me a choice between my files and the Internet, but it doesn’t. I can only access what is on my computer.
What do I need to know or install in order to have Impress play a video found on the Internet?
My operating system is Windows 10. My browser is Firefox.

I found part of the answer, it’s the icon “globe with link under it”, but it doesn’t play in the Impress, it just links to the Internet page when I double click. I will be using this impress in Zoom and don’t want to be flipping from impress to the Internet and back again. Can I get it to play through Impress?

The Impress is not a Media Player software. It uses one of the Media Players what exist on you computer.
And the installed Media Players can play those videos (only) what have the appropriate Codec installed.

so what would be the right Codec? or where shall I go to find the Codec I need to do this?

There are many version of the codecs. And there are free codec packs what you can download and install and what contain many codecs.
And there are free mediaplayers (what you can download and install), for example the VLC player. The installer of the VLC contain many codecs.

VLC meadiaplayer

Media Support