I would like to import text file which has more than one space between values

LibreOffice 4.3.7

I used space as delimiter to separates values for the text file, but it generates a lot of blank cells, since Calc doesn’t have the option “Treat Consecutive delimiters as one”, therefore I need to use the “Fixed Width” to fulfill this requirement. Is there any way to solve this issue ? Thanks.

Calc offers that option, but it is labelled ‘Merge delimiters’.

It’s working. Thanks.

BTW, MS Excel will tick the option “Treat Consecutive delimiters as one” automatically when selecting space as delimiter.

@lolax Thanks for the information!

In addition: Calc will use again the settings made for the last import if not expressly changed. For the equally structured ‘Text to Columns…’ tool the behaviour is the same, but independent of the csv import.

As far as I can remember discussions about feture requests concerning some tools also offering options this was the most favoured behaviour as compared with autonomous “smart” or “fix default” settings.by the software itself. I agree.