I would that the developers add a new function to LO

Give the possibility to mark a text in the document, then go to save as and then the marked text is the file name.

I would also that it is possible to insert a qr-code based on the file name or a field with this name.

It must be possible to create automatically a QR code with the file name from a text part in the document and also from a field in the document. I would that it is possible to link these informations … marked text with QR code and with a field at the top/end of the page. Will mean, that it is possible to give the name of the file on multiple places. If we give in the QR code generator a text it will be displayed as field and he will be also the default file name.


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A workaround for your first wish: select and copy the sequence of text to be used as the filename; then paste it in the save dialog.

QR code: explore https://extensions.libreoffice.org; I found one extension but it may not be what you expect because it requires an Internet connection to generate the code on a web site.

Your last paragraph seems to be Writer-specific. Inserting data repeated on every page is easy: put it in a header or footer. Writer has a very versatile and flexible feature for that. Calc has also header and footer but it cannot be customised as thoroughly as Writer. Don’t try it with the other components (to a lesser extent, you can have repeated items in Impress if they are located in the Master Slide).

The filename (as text) is already available as a field. It is not available in a format other than text; which means a QR-format is not possible presently.

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