Iam unable to install

iam tried to install both libre office 6.4 and 7.0 both shows same error message. How to rectify that error 1335 cabinet file requirement.


see this FAQ - especially the hints regarding broken downloads. May be you should try another mirror by using the info link of the download site and download directly from there:

In addition I strongly recommend to calculate at least one of the hash values (also visible at the info link location) to verify your download.

image description


as an alternative you can try the portable (pfx.exe) LO version,
which does not require an installation.

You can download the offical portable files from here:


Hope that helps.

Thank you all. As I surfed through internet I found google chrome browser corrupt this package and mozila firefox never corrupt, I again downloaded this through firefox and installed. Now its working its really nice and really super than ms office. Good job , all the best to your future works and thank you.