ID field in Base start with custom number

Hi, working with contact list in base. For the moment the id start with number “0” zero. When I start to enter my contacts I want the first start with “0101” and continue from this with the same number combination… is that possible?


You can have an auto-increment field start with a numeric of your choosing or reset it to pick up numbering higher than already present. See this post → How to reset the autoincremention in Libreoffice Base.

The question is based on your wanting to start with ‘0101’. Typically an auto increment field doesn’t show leading zeroes. It is at least part of the record key used by the DB to retrieve data (only one auto-increment field allowed in a table). You can present a leading zero by changing the format of the field to display it. However, this leads to another problem. if you change the format to include a leading zero, when you get to ‘1000’ it becomes ‘01000’ as a display. Internally, no matter what is displayed the value remains the same.

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