I'd like to ask if it's possible to uppgradefrom V whithout uninstall this version. I'm running a Windows 7

I would like to keep the dictionaries already installed in As well the possibility to write in Asian languages.

Parallel installations are possible. It will only be necessary to change the default base folder for a second installation.

Another thing are the file associations. They can surely only point to one application - at least for a single file extension.

My way to handle this is to have the most recent LibreOffice installed with default settings (and mostly with a fresh user profile) and to have other versions (of AOO, too) as PortableApps, partly on an USB flash drive, partly in a specific folder on a hard drive volume.

Thanks for answering and advice. I had already uninstall the that was working well. And now I have a mess. As you can see. in the other commentary I living in Sweden and local settings point to a Swedish interface, Because I use the Spanish language I’d like to have a Spanish UI and we (at home use Swedish, Japanese and other languages) I have an old version in a USB flash drive. Gratefully for Any ideas about a solution. Carlos

Just run the installer (.msi in case of Windows) a second time, accept “Change” and select all the additional languages you want. Then “Continue” …

Next time starting LibreOffice choose ‘Tools’ > ‘Options’ > ‘Language Settings’. You may now choose a language for the UI, a locale, a default document language …as you need it.

After that you may download and install the proper offline help (same language as UI).

Thank you vary much. The differents UI works properly. But still no dictionary or thesaurus for Spanish (Spain) So I will see if some one exist… Thanks again Sincerely Carlos

Did you alread visit and check: http://extensions.libreoffice.org/extension-center/spanish-dictionaries ?

The link has a label “This product has not had a release in over 1 year and may no longer be maintained.” it is possible to download the dictionary but is not able to install it. I find one at the same site for Spanish of Venezuela. I’ll see if some body knows for a better one. Tanks again

A slow update cycle needn’t mean much for a dictionary. (I don’t even use one on the other hand. at least in German the nonsens produced “with the help of a spell checker” is often ridiculous. I prefer to make human mistakes.) Of course there may be “technical innovations” impeding the installation of an older extension with a new version of LibO.

Yes indeed. But for my children is sometimes a guidance about type mistakes even om they use a online site( http://www.wordreference.com/es/)

You can install a new version just by downloading the msi-file and run the installation wizard, which starts when you double click the downloaded msi-file. I always download from here: http://www.libreoffice.org/

If you upgrade to a 4.x version, I recommend to create first a backup copy of your user profile.
If you don’t know where your user profile is located, start you current LibO version and go
Tools > options > LibreOffice > path to your application folder. Look were you have … Application Data\ LibreOffice\3\user
In my case their was a problem that the 4.0 version did not move the icons correctly over from the 3.6 to the 4.0 version. As we have now 4.2.6 and 4.3.2 the problem may not appear again.

Don’t forget to download the help file; it is free as well.

The possibility to write Asian languages is not influenced by LibO; this is in your W7. You only need the dictionaries. For Japanese there is no dictionary. Other Asian languages I don’t know.

Thank you for your advice. I have down loaded the version (with the Spanish UI) after your advice. (because my native language is Spanish, but I’m living in Sweden) … after the installation the UI is in Swedish and there is not existing any dictionary for Spanish. I have been at the repository site for extensions looking for a Spanish dictionary without any positive result. I try to change the UI in Tools>Options> Language> Settings> User Interface without any solution.

After the advice I got from Lupp, running the installr a second time the changes for different User Interface was made possible. The remained problem is the no existence of a dictionary for Spanish (Spain), so …the hunting must still going on…