I'd want to be able to print Impress Note Slides in the same way as Handout Slides

I’d like to be able to print impress notes setout the same way as handout slides for impress.
Handouts can be laid out to print three slides vertically with their handout notes to the RHS of each slide in portrait mode. I’d like to be able to do the same when printing out notes for slides. Three slides aligned on the LHS vertically in portrait mode with each slide’s respective notes positioned to the RHS of each slide. eg.
Is there a way of doing this in impress?

That depends on your printer driver/software.

First, click ‘Print’.

Second, select a printer (e.g. Adobe PDF).

Third, click ‘Properties’.

Fourth, look for ‘(Page) layout’ button, and choose the layout (e.g. 6 in 1).

I hope you’ll make it.