if a cell match an array of cells change color that cell

if the text in a cell (A1) match the text in an array of cells in different sheet (Sheet1.A2:A9) change the color of that cell (A1)

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You cannot (strictly spoken) change the background color assigned to a cell regarding a condition.
You can define a conditional format (‘Format’ > ‘Conditional Formatting’) to overlay a named cell style under a certain condition, and by this to change the color for the view.

For cells containing a formula you can also use the STYLE() function to actually assign a named cell style. The formula may evaluate conditions, and use the IF() function or the CHOOSE() function, e.g. to select the appropriate style.

What did you already try? Did you read the respectve part of the Calc guide?

Hello @HSA_AV,

You could do this:

  1. Select your cell A1;

  2. Select the menu "Format : Conditional Formatting : Condition...";

  3. In the dialog that pops up, in the dropdown listbox below “Condition 1”, select the item "Formula is:";

  4. In the textbox to the right, paste the following formula:

    IFNA(VLOOKUP($A$1;$Sheet1.$A$2:$A9;1;0) & T(STYLE("Error")) ;$A$1 & T(STYLE("")))

  5. Click OK.