IF function issue in Calc

I’m trying to search a string for text and set another cell’s value based on whether or not it was found. For simplicity I have tried to make it work in only a 1 case as follows:


When A1 contains the word “hello” a 1 appears in B2, however if it doesn’t I get #VALUE! instead of the 2 I was expecting. I’ve obviously misunderstood something about the IF function, I just can’t figure out what or why. I am using Version: of Calc.

Thanks for your help

It also happens in Openoffice 4.1.3. It’s not the IF function but the FIND function that causes the problem. See Calc: FIND function for a full explanation and solution.

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Thanks very much, the LibreOffice Wiki page does not specify return values, an incredibly frustrating omission when trying to debug a problem. The ISERROR and ISNUMBER modifiers work perfectly.

A hint: open the Function Wizard (Ctrl+F2) on a formula cell to inspect details. In this case on the Structure page it tells you that already the FIND() function returns #VALUE! error.