IF fx for comparing sheets. Need help

Hi, This is what I’m trying to figure out. I have Sheet1 that has an income statement colA name of accounts and I want numbers to go in ColD (this is where my formula will be) from Sheet2 .

Sheet2 colA has account names and ColB has a numbers. I want to compare the text between sheets 1 & 2 for colA , then if true then return the number from Sheet2 ColB.

This is the formula i tried bur got a =IF((A8:A70)=sheet2(A8:A70),sheet2(B3:B70),"–") . I get a 508 error code


Dear Ann!
It seems to me that you are looking for the VLOOKUP() function

Try this


Paste this formula to cell D8 and fill it down

Hi, nope doesn’t work. The A8 text is in Sheet2 but it is not returning the number I need. The columns in each sheet have different positions in which there’s a label. e.g. In A8 in sheet 1 is labeled “loans” in sheet 2 A8 is labeled “Other Income”. The return result is just a blank cell.

Wait I just figured it out . There was supposed to be a “.” after Sheet not an “!”. Great. it’s fixed. Thak you so much you saved me hours of time.

Hum Am i supposed to put something between the quotes? And what does the 2 mean? Anyway it does not work as is but thanks alot

2 mean “take the data from the second column” (in range A8:B70 column A is 1st, B - 2nd). You say that it does not work? Are you sure that the values in columns A on both sheets are the same? You can use short formula =VLOOKUP(A8;Sheet2!$A$8:$B$70;2;0) without quotes and IFERROR. But if no value is found, you’ll see #N/A