If I Run LibreOffice in Wine, can I Use Windows Accessibility Settings?

I use a Mac and have a severe low-frequency strobe sensitivity.

It’s possible to disable the blinking cursor in Windows and Linux, but not in os x except, through one hack, in Cocoa text apps. and I don’t think drawing software can use Cocoa text.

I would like to be able to return to LibreOffice, or failing that, switch to another office suite which can import my LibreOffice Writer, Draw, and Calc work, and which won’t require styles.

I can’t use LibreOffice with the blinking cursor, so, either I need to find some way to enable Linux or Windows accessibility settings on os x, or I need to find a writing and drawing suite which uses Cocoa text [NSText], or I need to find a writing and drawing suite which uses its own cursor settings, and can import from LibreOffice. I don’t have enough disk space or memory for full virtualization.

It should be possible, but I haven’t tested it yet:

Linux Wine (Windows emulator)

Open up
~/.wine/drive_c/windows/win.ini. Once
open, add the line


to the [Windows] section of the INI
file. This works in recent versions.
The regedit trick doesn’t seem to work
at all.

I know there’s also a hack to disable it in Java, on the same page; since LibreOffice is partly coded in Java, it may work.