IF not working in Calc


I’m using v4.1.4.2 for Mac. I would upgrade, but the only mirror the downloader keeps sending me to is offline (a different issue).

The IF statement no longer seems to work in Calc. The built-in help tells me the syntax is:

IF(Test; ThenValue; OtherwiseValue)

And then gives the example:

=IF(A1>5;100;"too small")

My actual line of code is:


I see it too. Those are supposed to be semicolons, not commas. Except I put semicolons in but the program automagically changes them to commas. I assume this is the reason for the failure.

What is shown is either “TRUE” or “FALSE”, not the numeric value in Y2 or a zero.

This used to work, so not sure what’s happening. Is this a recently introduced bug? Do I have a corrupted config? Do I have a corrupted install of LibreOffice? Something else? How do I get this to not change semicolons to commas?



Hi @Scotty, I think it is only a format issue, usually Ctrl+M clear the TRUE/FALSE format.

Thanks. Ctrl+M works.
My next question is: How did this get changed? Other than debugging IF statements this seems a pretty worthless feature.
Also, is it a bug in the help file that shows I need a semicolon?
Happier, but still perplexed.