If only LO Writer table could allow copy paste of formula?

The Table formula in the LO is great, and so is interlinking figures from different tables. However, the stopper is that when you want to copy formula from one cell to another cell, it does not work. So, currently, you have to write the same formula, say summing each row at the end of the rows, or summing columns at the end of each of the columns, again and again. Or go to the formula bar and do copy paste there for each of the individual cells. Custom formula copy paste, like in Calc would be a great feature to work with tables, and enhance is utility multifold.

OK, it may be working under MS Windows. I could not make it work under GNU/Linux. I use Ubuntu 10.04, and LO 3.3.2. No Windows here, please!!!

It does work (at least in the Windows OS)

If you select the cell that contains the formula and press Ctrl+C, then you just need to select the cells where you want to paste the formula, press Ctrl+V and the formula will be calculated for all rows/columns.

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OK, it may be working under MS Windows. I could not make it work under GNU/Linux. I use Ubuntu 10.04, and LO 3.3.2

Works right in Win7x64 with:

LibreO 3.3.4,, 3.6.0.beta2

As Pedro have explained is needed to select the cell not the content of the cell.
(Menu/Table/Select/Cell), the copy/paste.

Mark a single cell
Do one of the following:

Click, then Shift-click the cell.

Pressing the mouse button, drag a range across two cells, do not release the mouse button, and then drag back to the first cell. Release the mouse button. You can now move the individual cell by drag and drop.

Works well under Kubuntu 14.04, LO too. When saving to doc formulas are lost.

For Windows 7: It does NOT work! copy / paste works never. Copy / paste special (Formulas) worked ones than never again (…unformatted text?). Ctrl C / Ctrl V
worked ones, but not the following times (only copies Number, not formula). Just downloaded 3.5.4.; no difference. Posted June 23, 2012

Works fine for me under MS.

What you cant do is things like fill or relative references. I.e. copy a cell formula that references the cell to the right so that new instance references its cell to the right.

I use the copy paste manual tweak the formula alot for specs so that the math is correct.

Here’s how I copy-paste formula on Ubuntu 11.10 (using LO LibreOffice 3.4.4).

  1. Open a new Writer document
  2. Create a blank 2x2 table
  3. In the lefthand column, put in “1”, then below, “2”

| 1 | _ |

| 2 | _ |

  1. In the righthand column, top row, put in “=*2” (type “=”, then click the upper-left (A1) cell, then type “*2”) and hit enter. The table should look something like this:

| 1 | 2 |

| 2 | _ |

As @mariosv points out, there’s a difference in Writer between selecting a cell and selecting the contents of a cell. We want to do the former.

  1. Click the B1 cell (2nd column, top cell), and drag down into the bottom (B2) cell. Both cells will be highlighted.
  2. Click in B2 and drag back into B1. Now just B1 will be highlighted.
  3. Copy that cell (Ctrl-c) and then paste into B2. The formula should be copied over and the table should look like this:

| 1 | 2 |

| 2 | 4 |

After long time, discovered the secret. Ofcourse I used LibreOffice 5.0.1. But looks like it should not matter. To copy & paste formula in LibreOffice Table, please follow this:

*1. Put the cursor in the cell containing the formula. Go to menu bar Table->Select->Cell).

*2. Then press Ctrl+C

3. Then select the target cell or group of cells, and press Ctrl+V.

You can also create a keyboard short cut for selecting the Cell and not its content. To do so, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open your document. Go to Tools->Customize. You shall get the “Customize” Dialog Box.
  2. Select the “Keyboard” tab, which should be the second tab in the top portion of the Dialog Box
  3. Choose your desired short cut keys (especially those which are not assigned)
  4. I, for example chose Alt+Shift+0 (Zero) key combination
  5. Having chosen, select the radio button modify to the right of it.
  6. Now come to the second portion of the Dialog Box i.e. “Functions”
  7. Select “Table” entry in the first column which is labelled “Category”
  8. Then, choose “Cell” entry in the second column which is labelled “Function”
  9. Now that’s done. You should get “Alt+Shift+0” in the third column labelled “Keys”
  10. Press “OK” and exit the dialog box.
  11. Open a table, and put the cursor in a cell. (in any cell, empty or filled. Of course, I assume you have entered your formula in that cell)
  12. Press now “Alt+Shift+0” keys together
  13. And you shall see the entire cell selected
  14. Now Press Ctrl+C to copy the cell (but not its contents)
  15. Press Ctl+V in the desired cell or group of cells, your formula should now be copied, all at once.

The formula would be copied in the target cell(s). Hurra!!! Long live LibreOffice.