If you don't have the report builder installed, base opens templates in writer. Where are those templates stored on the OS (debian)?

I’m talking about the report wizard dialog that you can see below (source link):

Those aren’t accessible if I install the report-builder package using sudo apt install libreoffice-report-builder. I would like to know where those templates are because they might give me a clue on how to create reports using writer. The report builder is quite limited which is why I’m hoping I can just work with templates I created myself using writer.

You will get only tables with max. 3 grouping fields above with this old report engine.

If you want to create reports without using Report Builder you could create reports by using MailMerge or Placeholder. But getting this work well you nee a little bit knowledge in macro editing. Have a look at the English documentation here: Base Guide - Mail Merge
There will be additional information about creating tables in Writer by macro in the Base Handbuch (German), which will be published end of the month.

I’ll need quite a while to test and learn all those concepts.

Are you saying that the old report engine used macros? If so, where can I see and edit those macros?

No, it is part of the code of LibreOffice.

But if you want to create reports, which couldn’t be created by ReportBuilder (Like invoices with carryover) you will need macro code for creating this report in Writer, starting from the Base file.

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So I’m guessing I’d have to look here: libreoffice source code?

Well, since the old report designs seem to be hardcoded into libreoffices’ source code and aren’t somewhere on the OS you answered my question.

I’ll try to understand and learn more about macros and open a new question about them if needed.

Thank you for your time!