I'm getting incorrect sum when adding numbers using sum function

b2 through b5 are numbers. B6 contains formula =sum(b2,b3,b4,b5). Result in B6 does not equal the sum of b2:b5.

Also tried =sum(b2:b5)

edit: two of the cells show black when I turn on value highlighting. But there is no apostrophe in front of the value in those cells.

You have answered your own question; it would seem that some cells are formatted as text and thus won’t be included in the result of your SUM function.

Thank you. I went back and deleted the values in those cell and reentered the numbers. The thing that puzzles me is how they were entered as text in the first place. I believe I entered the number in the first cell and then used the down arrow key to enter the number and move to the second cell. Perhaps using the arrow keys is a factor?

Unlikely to be the arrow keys. Lack of apostrophe suggests cells may be formatted as text; perhaps check that?

When pasted in a cell formated as number from a cell formated as text, cell content behave as text until edited or retyped.

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