I'm having trouble opening and/or downloading Word and Excel documents to my libreoffice

When I receive a Word or Excel file by e-mail and click to open it using LibreOffice, I get this message:
C:\Users\kaiserb\AppData\Local\Temp\Directors- does not exist.
This suggests to me that I haven’t set things up correctly, but I’m an old guy with limited computer skills, and I’m not at all sure I understand what my problem is. I only know that I am unable to open these documents, or download them. I would be very grateful for some help! Thanks


just don’t do that - and store your files to some save place on your disk (e.g. C:\Users\kaiserb\Documents\EmailAttachments) and open from that directory, which is not designed to be temporary. Another problem seems to be that your files contain spaces, and thus the filenames are not correctly passed to any application, e.g LibreOffice - but this is seems not to be secific for the receiving application but the sending one (let me guess: You are using Thunderbird?). Finally the habit to click attachments on email programs poses a risk. Almost all viruses, malware and trojans are distributed this way to networks and systems.