I'm trying to enter a formula referencing another sheet. When I click the mouse the sheet+cell reference is not entered in the input line. Ver. 4.0

I just upgraded to 4.0 on a Mac. I’m trying to reference cells on different sheets and in other files. In the past I entered an “=” sign in the formula cell, switched to the other sheet and selected a cell with the mouse. The reference was added to the input line. Now, nothing appears in the input line when I click. I found a workaround when selecting a cell in the same file by clicking right after the equal sign and then clicking the cell I wanted to reference. It doesn’t work when referencing other files.

Any suggestions?

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@Magic_Chef – I can’t reproduce this problem on my system (GNU/Linux), but it looks like you may have found a bug in the OSX version.

On Ubuntu 12.04.2, here’s what I did to test:

  1. Open LO; open Calc
  2. Add a new sheet by clicking the “+” sign to the right of “Sheet 1”
  3. On Sheet 2, put the number “2” in cell A1.
  4. On Sheet 1, move to cell A2 and type “=”, then click on the tab for Sheet 2, and left-click on A1.
    (At this point, I see =Sheet2.A1 in the Input Line)
  5. Hit the Enter key, and you will be taken back to cell A2 of Sheet 1, and cell A2 will display “2”.

Please file a bug report about this problem and provide clear instructions on what isn’t working for you (feel free to use my steps above, if those exercise the bug). Oh – and please mention that you’re on a Mac, so we can get a Mac user to triage your bug report.


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First sorry for the delayed response. Thank you for responding. I followed your steps and did not get the result you did. In the past the program DID since I have used this method numerous times to build formulas. For some reason it has quit auto-pasting from the mouse click. Bug report->

Hi @Magic_Chef, Looks like your comment got cut off (sorry about that 300-character limit). Please feel free to post another comment containing a link to the bug (syntax like fdo#123456 works just fine)

I have found that the second & third cells at the beginning of 3 rows I inserted prevent the mouse selection while the rest on the row do not. This appears sporadically in columns B & C. Checked & no protection set. Kind of puzzled:/

Further trials show that problem exists when trying to enter formulas with cell references pointing to one particular sheet! I can point to cells in the same sheet or in another sheet. But if I try to enter the data in the “BadSheet” the cell border turns red but the reference does not appear

in the formula bar. It only has the equal sign. And I meant to say "But if I try to click on a cell in the “BadSheet”…

@Magic_Chef – Ah, interesting! Please make sure to include this information in your bug report so that the QA folks are aware of it.

I also can’t confirm this using Mac OSX 10.8.2 with LibreOffice (=release). Have you any extentions installed? Not a big chance, but does a profile reset resolve your problem (guide: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/UserProfile#Resetting_the_user_profile)? If this is indeed still reproducible, please see comment of Qubit and file a bug report.

Thanks in advance,