I'm using ver 7.0; my saved documents show inside of the word processor are missing

I went to access a word document and the program told me that it was unable to find that file. I can see that files first page. More than half of the documents won’t respond. I have no reason why this is happening! Can I get some sage advice. Thank you.

Read these guidelines and ask a good question. In particular, specify your operating system and the method you use to access files.

The “… saved documents show[ing] inside of the word processing …” is a list of files which have been open. LibreOffice “remembers” where the file used to be. The software does not track the stored files’ movements and changes by other means.

  • The most common reason for the issue is that the storage medium for the file is disconnected. Are the troubled files on external storage (USB drive, network share)?
  • The second most common cause is that the file or containing folder is renamed.

Recent updates to Windows have required me to re enter the password for mapped network drives several times. Possibly due to me using SMB 1 because of ancient Linux server

For probably the same reason, I have to mount the mapped drives by clicking on then in File Explorer before I can access them from the Recent list.

Could one of these be the problem?