Image Copying Inconsistent

I am making a reference sheet for some friends using visual images. When I want to put one image in multiple places, I click on said image and copy it. Half the time it copies an entire cell of data and tries to copy it over the cell I want to paste the image into. The worst part is that it gets stuck for a long time before I have to move on to another section of the sheet.

In order to be able to give a possible reasonable answer:

Which operating system?
Which LibreOffice version?
Which file format is used for saving?
What file format do the images have?
How large are the images?

Please upload a sample file here so that we can examine it. Thank you.

OS: Windows 10
LO Version: 7.6.2
File Format: ods
Image Format: Jpeg, jpg, and gif
Image size: varied
File with issue is too big to upload right now.

I can’t speak to the “stuck for a long time.” (Win11, LO

If you get sizing handles when you click the image, then just the image should copy, and it should paste along with pre-existing text in another cell. If you get the cell border selection indicator when you click before copying, then any pictures anchored in the cell and the cell text will paste and replace the contents of the target cell.

Might this be the issue?


Yes. Sometimes I can just select the image and it just copies the image. It takes forever to “deselect” a cell so I can just copy the image in it. Sometimes it even copies a different cell even though I clicked on the image and copied the image, it’ll just default to a selected cell. Is their a deselect shortcut?

That is not a very helpful statement. Images that you insert into Calc should not be larger than 300-500 kB, preferably smaller.

If the problem persists, go to

First steps to take before submitting a bug

and check whether you can solve your problem with this information.

A workaround would be to link the images instead of embedding them.

Thank you, will be trying these shortly.