Image format in Writer

I am very new to LibreOffice writer and I am trying to add an image into the background, but it is messing with me.

I go to Format → Page Style → Area
There I select bitmap, and add/import one I need for my project.
I select “Stretched” as style and hit apply.

The image then shows up but only within the margin. I need to to do to the edge of the page, including the margins in all directions.
I have experimented with other than “stretched” but without success.
I have a feeling there is something simple I am missing. Can anyone help me please?

The image then shows up but only within the margin.

Which LibreOffice version do you use? If I remember correctly there have been changes regarding background images recently - for me [x]Scale (100%) and 'Position: Center does (on LibreOffice, GNU/Linux openSUSE 15.2, TDF packages) what you desire.

I am using (x64)

I upgraded to and put it on 100% scale and center, and the result is the same. It still only hits the margins and leaves me a white border around the background bitmap.

Ok - please try starting LibreOffice in Safe Mode (Help -> Restart in Safe Mode... and Button Continue in Safe Mode) and repeat your procedure. If that works in safe mode, you should reset your LibreOffice user profile to factory settings (also available via options in Help -> Restart in Safe Mode...).

After testing it in safe mode I dublicated the same “error”.
However, adding the picture as part of the header, and stretching it and setting it to background worked really quite well.
So while the backdrop in page style didn’t work, I still got the actual effect working, albeit through another method.