Image map functionality in a Base form instead of a browser?

Hello AskLibO,

My understanding is that an image map can only be utilized from within a browser as it is coded in HTML.

What I would like to do is to imbed an image map (or similar functionality) within a Base form and assign a macro to run when a hot spot in clicked. The macros that will be assigned to the various hot spots within the image will insert text into a text box that has been selected by the user from within the form.

I am aware that a macro can be assigned to a hot spot utilizing the ImageMap editor contained within LO (which is the exact functionality I am looking for). I just need it to work within a base form instead of a browser window.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance for any input.


What I decided to do is to use Gimp (a Linux based image editor similar to photoshop) to create the “hot spot” shapes that I will place on top of the main image in the base form via layering (“bring to front” "“send to back”, etc). I plan to save each of the hot spot shapes as a separate file so that I can import the images into the Base form and assign a macro to each hot spot image so that when it is clicked it will insert the text specific to that hot spot into the selected text box. The hot spots will not be highlighted when selected as they are in a real html based image map, but the basic functionality of an image map will be there.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Above was my original plan. What I acutally ended up doing follows:

I used invisible image button form controls to act as the hotspots. I placed these on top of the background image. This eliminated the need to have a separate imported image for each hotspot (my original plan). Also, if you try to use imported images as hotspots, when you click on them for activation you end up selecting the image as well. This was undesireable for what I was doing. This issue is avoided by utilizing the image buttons. The image buttons were made invisible by not selecting an image (leaving it blank) in the properties of the image button form control under the “general” tab. I also added help text (also under the “general” tab) to the image buttons which functioned to let the user know that there was a hotspot to be clicked when they saw the help text appear as they moused over the invisible image button. The effect was exactly what I was looking for. I assigned a macro that was activated with a mouse click on the image to insert text into the target text box. The macro was added by utilizing the “events” tab for the image button form control properties. See my posted question regarding inserting macro text in a text box for more info on how to do that. Good luck :slight_smile:

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