image map target

in writer, as far as i have found out, there is a fundamental difference between image maps and hyperlinks. byt, why? could the concept of hyperlinks (esp. references within a document) not be generalized into image maps? why should it not be feasible to link not only an url to a part of an image, but any reference, like references in documents or bookmarks? by that, the concept of image maps (yes, then probably not stored in external files) could be much more usable. any thoughts?

An image map is an HTML concept. You can associate an hyperlink to a graphic objet to jump to the link target.

In LO Writer, hyperlinks are attached to words or sequences of characters. Writer is unable to define an overlay closed shape over an image to attach an hyperlink to it.

I tried to use Draw to define partial shapes over an image. Draw can attach an hyperlink to a shape but there is no way to activate the link. Hovering over the shape does not display the link in a tooltip. Ctrl+click on the shape does nothing.

If you paste your Draw-prepared “image map” into Writer, it is unusable: no hyperlink can be accessed nor listed in the Navigator.

I think you should not push Writer too far away from its intended purpose: Writer is a document processor, not an HTML design tool. For general Web page design, there are much better tools.

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