Image orientation in labels.

I have created a sheet of stickers using a standard Avery A4 label template. Some of the sticker images are rotated 90 deg to fit. On my Win 10 machine using LO 6 and 5.4 the images show the correct orientation. However on my wife’s machine (also Win 10) with LO 5.4 when I open the same document the ‘landscape’ images appear as portrait. I can’t find an obvious reason for this. Anyone have suggestions as to what I should be checking?

Is the Avery A4 label a Word (DOC) or Writer (ODT) document? This could cause some problems in lay-out. Did you rotate the image before inserting or after that, so that the original image still is not rotated?
Probably you load up an anonymised sample of your label sheet?

Its actually an Avery ‘look-alike’ - LC24/E0244. The base template is a Word one from an outfit called Printec. The images were dragged onto the page and then rotated and sized to fit the label cell. My frustration is that while the completed label page opens fine on my machine, using a file stored on my wife’s, when I open the same file on her machine the images are not rotated!