Image Scaling Issues from Version to Version

TL;DR - My boss and I are working off of different versions of LibreOffice, and the graphics are scaling horribly on my manager’s screen while the same document, same files are scaling just fine on my screen. My version:, My boss’s version:

Apologies if this question has been asked before. I am a marketing specialist for a manufacturing and tech firm and have been tasked with recreating our user manuals with new graphics and layout. I am currently working in version, and all of my graphics are scaling the way I want and I have been able to do a majority of the updates directly through Libre before exporting them to PDF for cleanup in InDesign. However, when my manager views the .odt versions of my updated manuals, the scaling of the graphics is so horrible that they are deemed unusable (and I take the blame for not scaling correctly, unfortunately).

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem? I am currently using v., and my boss is working from the version. I realize it would probably be in the best interest to be working off of the same version, but I am reluctant to do so since he is the one experiencing scaling issues, not me.

Again, sorry if this question has been asked before to a similar magnitude. It is just a growing frustration to spend days at a time on mundane UM updating only to have the manager say “This still doesn’t look right!” Any suggestions or similar experience sharing is welcome!

To get answers or at least clues, give some insight about your graphics.

Are they created directly in Writer or in some other application, e.g. Draw which is part of LO, and then pasted into the manual. How is containing frame positioned, tuned? Manually or with a frame style? Which is its anchor mode?

I know by experience it is very tricky to get reproducible results if you work without frame styles and correct anchor mode. Direct formatting, even in text paragraphs, may affect final layout. Are you working consistently and exclusively with styles?

You’re complaining about “scaling”? Is this really a scaling issue (the size of the graphics) or something more complex?

Please attach to your question a 1-page sample file (replace text with “lorem ipsum”) with a description of the expected result and what to look for.

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