Images disappear in LibreOffice draw leaving only the "frame" and an icon

Like this:

I’ve read answers here suggesting to right click the image and choosing “image off” toggle, but there’s no such thing in my context menu. After hours of searching I’ve been unable to find an option to fix this. I’m sorry of this has already been answered, i was unable to find it.

libreoffice version is

Update to LO 6.1.3 and try again. Which file format do your pictures have? In which file format do you save the draw file?

picture format is png
draw files are saved in odg format

i usually have multiple pages per file (6-8 pages) and the older pages like the first two or three end up loosing pictures. This doesn’t happen very often, only sometimes. Happened with a rather important document ;(

Updated to LO, no luck. The bug seems to persist. No images displayed.

Can you mark the frame? Are you in the right drawing foil with Draw? Are the pictures linked as an OLE object?

Yeah i can mark the frame, and the pictures are simply pasted from the clipboard. What do you mean by “right drawing foil”?

Draw has drawing layers. But nice that it works again.

I’m sorry if you misunderstood, the images are still not showing. And i didn’t create extra layers other than the default ones.

Which program are you copying & pasting from? Some graphics programs or browsers copy more than just the raw pixel data, and that extra information/objects might not be understood/interpreted by Draw via paste. Just a guess, but I’ve experienced this kind of thing when trying to get graphical information from one app to another via the clipboard. Usually instead I prefer to use built-in Insert or Import features of graphics applications rather than cut & paste (depending on the situation).

I pasted the pictures from this screenshot app “PicPick”. Is there any way to get those pictures back? Or is the information lost?

I was curious and installed Pic Pic to see if I could reproduce the problem. I was able to take a screenshot, copy it to the clipboard, and pasted it into LibreOffice Draw. The screen capture showed up for me, no blank frame placeholder. I have one idea for you to try though… I’ll add an answer since I can’t write much length in these comments…

The advise about upgrading LO would not help restore already missing images; it only can prevent that happening in the future, since 6.1 is the version where image handling was revised to be more robust.

@Phlo it’s not that the pictures don’t show up, it’s just that i opened the file later and some of the pictures that where there disappeared.

One thing that is REALLY AWESOME about LibreOffice file formats is that they use very accessible, standards-compliant file types. Did you know that most LibreOffice files can be “unzipped”? It’s simply exciting, at least to a nerd like me. I recommend installing 7Zip, a free unzipping program, depending on your operating system. Otherwise, you can probably right-click on the LO Draw file (odg), and find an option “Extract Here” or “Extract All”. This will create a folder the same name as your file, and you can look inside.

Guess what, everything inside that folder is human readable! No encrypted, compiled gibberish! Inside that folder you might see a subfolder “Pictures”. If you are in luck, all your pasted screenshots might be accessible here. Otherwise, you might be out of luck… that is, unless a super genius chimes in with another solution! There are plenty of those on this forum. Great community!

If this doesn’t work, you might have to do the screen captures all over :frowning: If so, I recommend the intermediate step of saving them to your computer first, then importing them instead of cut & paste. That way you have a backup of the images somewhere besides within your draw document in case you need to use them for something else.

image description

And as far as screen capture software, there are a TON of them. I prefer Greenshot because it is completely free and very simple to use. It also has nice annotation tools to do stuff like the red arrow and text in the image above very quickly and easily. Many other apps have this too, so it’s not super novel. For color sampling (eyedropper tool, but not limited inside a single app), I use ColorMania, also free. Both are for Windows, so maybe not available on every OS.

Wow that’s a neat feature. I looked into the pictures folder, all the pictures that DID NOT disappear are there. While the ones that did, are not there. Actually they where math solutions. I took pictures from my phone, send em to my laptop, took screenshots and pasted them into LO draw. That sounds dumb, but it’s what i did.

Not dumb. It’s the smartphone age, so all sorts of weird stuff like that happens for all of us. I hope desktops/laptops never die though. I can’t imagine having to type long text on a phone all the time. It’s a real pain, even with swipe keyboards. And voice input isn’t always ideal either.