Images disappear in LibreOffice draw leaving only the "frame" and an icon

I’m working with calc, and paste some images from de clipboard, I have several sheets with images, the question is that I miss the pictures from the sheets that I don’t use for a time, it apears a frame with and icon, is there any way of solutionate this aspect.

Draw (title) or Calc (tag | text) or both? Could you provide an anonymized sample file? (Your description sounds a bit like you didn’t in fact embed the image(s), but linked to images now being deleted from the filesystem)

I just encountered the same issue as described above. I have been using Draw to rearrange my pictures in pdf format this afternoon, but after closing and re-open the same file, all the GUI of my Draw were disappeared, leaving only two icons for close the app and close the file respectively.

It’s really upset that I have encountered many problems with LO these days, first missing fonts in my Writer, then the GUI of Draw are gone.

How could I solve this?