images disappear in writer

I’ve had a series of problems with images in writer. The latest version is that they all disappear. I save and close the document normally. Upon reopening it, they’re all gone.

Your question does not specify whether images are actually deleted or just invisible. In my case, I get occasionally invisible images. For me, this has only happened with images inside tables which in turn are inside frames, and it has happened ever since I can remember (now I am using LibreOffice version 5.1). Since those images are always set to anchor “as character”, all I need to do to force an update is select them with shift and arrow keys (selecting their whole cells) and change the settings of spacing of their paragraphs (context-menu → paragraph) to anything. After that I revert the paragraph settings. I have just tested this now because Google did not give me any answer, only your question.

P.S.: shapes like arrows and rectangles disappear when I copy-paste them with ctrl+mouse drag inside tables which are inside frames, and that is not occasional, it is always. Those are also probably just invisible, but I can’t get to them. So for that I just do ctrl+Z to ensure their deletion and remember to use ctrl+c, ctrl+v (which fails only sometimes, not always)

Thanks for your help. This just happened again: they are completely deleted. They are not invisible. This is days of work. The images are all of the same type. They are all anchored as characters–some of them in tables, some in the text

That sounds like a bug, bugs aren’t discussed here.

Same problem here.
Mac os 10.11.6,

Inserting PNG or JPG into writer Document: Drag and Drop or Menu Insert → select file. Anchoring to character or to paragraph
Saving the file: The file size goes up.
reopening the file: the Image has disappeared.
Saving the file again: The file size goes back to the level when it had no image. The image must have been deleted during opening.

A bug?

On this board, “answers” have to be just that, an offered solution, not a repetition of the original problem.