Images disappeared in Writer

Hello, ladies and gentlemen ! I could not find any help or suggestions in russian forum that’s why i’m writing here. Sorry, if i’ll make some mistakes, i speak english not very well Smile There is a big trouble, i’m working in the LibreOffice Writer ( ID : 55b006a02d247b5f7215fc6ea0fde844b30035b3) and of course sometimes paste images on pages (especially use Snipping Tool, windows 7). Everytime when i’m working in Writer all images disappear (“Reading Error”). Well, i don’t understand how this may be. After this error the size of file decreased like if i deleated images. Please help

Hey, i suppose i found similar topics - and it’ not solved
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Hi, I have the same problem. There are two things I do, but they are not a 100% solution (it works many times, but not always). (1) The network could be slow, and then you have wait say 1 minute. (2) If the image is still missing: you right-mouse-click on the area where the “Reading Error” shows; then select “Anchor” on the drop-down menu; and then select “Anchor to paragraph”, the picture appears. (anchoring to paragraph, resizes the picture to fit in the boundaries of the document).

What is your LO version btw? There was some significant rework related to image handling aimed to make it more robust lately.

Mike, The details (I still have the problem appearing some times): Version: (x64) Build ID: 8f48d515416608e3a835360314dac7e47fd0b821 OS: Windows 10.0; Locale: af-ZA
You can also try the following two things:
(1) Copy the image at the source and paste it in the Writer document as Bitmap or svg image (Anchor the image to paragraph). (2) Right-mouse-click on the area where the image gives the “Reading Error”: Then in the drop-down menu, I select “Arrange” and then select “Bring to front”.

The changes were in version 6.1 - so you might try to upgrade to 6.1 or 6.2 and check if this makes a difference or not.

I’ll try. I usually do upgrades at night, or when I am busy with something else, on another computer. Thanks.