Images inserted into Writer are broken up.

I have a question about the display of images. If I insert an image which has words (like a graph with labels), the letters are broken up and difficult to read. This doesn’t happen if I insert the same image into Word or in Apple Pages. It’s not a huge issue because if I save the document as a docx file or as a PDF, the letters are clear. It seems to be the way the image is displayed in LibreOffice Writer.

I’m using LibreOffice on a MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

Is there anything I can do about it?

It doesn’t sound as if you are inserting an image; it sounds like embedding from another program, e.g. Calc. You can either paste in an image format using Paste Special, or you can size the graph or Draw picture in its original program to the finished size or smaller allowing for borders.

What happens if the item is larger than the page Writer will shrink it to fit the page. The text boxes will shrink but the text tends to shrink slower so the text wraps and the text box gets taller to accommodate it.

I hope that’s the solution. Al

What is the format of the image? If it is some sort of bitmap (not a vector format) and scale factor is not 1:1, you get this kind of shearing.

Upload an example image so it can be analysed and say what you find wrong with it.

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