Images not appearing on menu

Hi all,

I was using LibreOffice LTS that comes with my openSUSE 42.2, but after upgrading my system to openSUSE tumbleweed (with LibreOffice 5.4.3) no images appear anymore on the left side of each items in the main menu.

For example, in Writer: Insert>Shape>Arrow each item used to had a image of the respective arrow on the left side.

It holds for every item in the main menu of any LibreOffice application.


First, I’m seeing the arrow icons in my 5.4.3 here on Debian. My hunch is that there is a bug in how openSUSE installs LO. Try reinstalling and/or updating it first. If that fails can you remove the default install (or possibly just rename the directory it’s in) and re-install from a direct download from It might be a file permission issue. The other thing that is often recommended is to reset your user profile. (Search here or elsewhere for how to do that.)

I will try these.
Thank very much :slight_smile: