Images randomly disapear in Libreoffice Draw

Hello everyone,
I have some issue with a document containing arround ~50 differents images (from png files), 16 pages and a lot of groups made from those images and various shapes. The file size is arround 5Mb. Almost every time i edit the file, i randomly lost one or more images (i got a blanc rectangle with three red dots in it).

This is my file actually:

The missing image is a pressure cooker…

I did an update to the last version of my libreoffice versions (both on windows and ubuntu system): no change. I mainly used my file under ubuntu but also did some changes on various computers running windows with same problem.

So, is there a work arround to avoid those disappearing images ?
I guess it might be linked to the huge amount of elements in my document maybe …

Please let me know if you miss some detail about that bug.

I’d love to be able to help but random loss of anything is going to be a very tricky thing to solve.
Can you not spot a pattern as to which images are being lost? Position on document, how they were attached to the document, source of image, etc etc

If there’s some sort of pattern then perhaps a solution would be easier to come by.

Have you adjusted the memory settings to take into account the large number of images you are using? Remember that all of the images need to be kept in memory whether they are directly linked or included in the document. You need to consider the number of objects that can be cached and how long they stay in memory. The initial memory settings are for normal day to day documents and may well not be appropriate for you. There are a number of questions based around LibreOffice memory and lots of images. Peter