Implementing Document Viewer in Android/iOS using Java

Hi there,

I’ve had a request come in from a client that would like to integrate a document viewer in their native Android/iOS application (built using Java) and I’m currently on a bit of a research mission.

He is building his own email application (iOS/Android) and would like it so that if a document comes through via email, (.doc, .odt, whatever standard office doc formats) the user can click on it and it’ll open to preview using LibreOffice (built in to the application, not a web service or something) and provide the option to Save to Disk somewhere, or just delete…

I’m still having trouble trying to formulate my questions here, so bare with me a bit…

  1. Does this sound like something LibreOffice would be suitable for?
  2. I’m noticing all these UNO references and wondering, do I need a ‘service’ to be running of OpenOffice that it can work with? Can I package all this stuff together happily to function under Android/iOS ?
  3. Can I even use the SDK and build under Java and it’ll play nicely when deployed to iOS?

The end goal is to deliver to him a package that he can ‘plug-in’ and it’ll provide the functionality of reading a file/saving to a path (does not require editing at this time)

I’m not going to lie, I’m not a Java/iOS/Android developer but in the interest of work/money at the moment I’m trying to gather up the resources to see if this is achievable…

Any input on the matter is greatly appreciated,