Import from Googlesheet

I’m trying to move away from GoogleSheet after using it for a long time. Wondering if there is a way to import a particular cell or range from Googlesheet? Help appreciated :slight_smile:

You can simply export your GoogleSheets to ods. Please have a look at:

or you use the extension for handling GoogleDocs files:

Thanks, but sorry I did not explain clearly what I need, which is to import in realtime, just like how in GS we can put a function into the cell eg, =importrange(“0AsN6hf9B8wMgcHhNa1BxWVFMd2VVcEJBMDVoUm12Y3c”,“Sheet1!c3”)
which will populate the cell with value from another GS everytime you open the sheet and keep on updating. Is there an equivalent function for Calc?