Import multiple xml files into Calc

I have just over 1100 XML files that I need to import into a Clac spreadsheet. How do I do this?

I have used the Data–>XML source and have successfully imported 1 file, but I want them all on 1 sheet.

Is this possible? I do have an xls schema file if that can be used?

I have the same question dont see any replies wish i could help will add answer if i find solution

I guess you think of xslt-filters, as xls is the old file-type of Excel, usually readable directly.
I’ve not attempted this myself and used another option to create xml-output but checked some docs that time, so “it can be done”. I remember a guy who converted data from a fitness-tracker via xslt-filter, but have to check, if I can find this. At the moment I only have an german article in linux-magszine and there are help-pages in LibreOffice…

The easiest way to combine files is to use csv-files (they have their own pitfalls, so be careful, concerning types). You can just append all csv-files by simple command-line appending cp *.csv >>out/dest.csv but you may need to remove Header lines before or after this and check, if the last line has \n etc.