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Planning to switch from OO for LO. Remarkably my search has found little info on doing so, or old info from shortly after LO started. Can I do something like the following? Install LO. Copy the contents of my OO profile to the LO profile folder. Uninstall OO. Or does that not work? Any other tips on switching? Currently on Apache 00 4.1.1. Thanks.

Which is your operative system? In Windows and OSX you can have have them both. Anyway I think it can be done.
These are my user profiles LO and OO. They are virtually equal. The differences are due to the use made

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You can make a simple test. Rename your USER folder in LibO with user_libo. Next copy your user file from OO into the folder where LibO has the user folder. Start LibO.

It should - but not guaranteed - work.

Should it fail, change the name of the user folder in LibO back to what is was before.

Side note: I did the same recently when upgrading a PC from Windows to Linux Mint 17.3. All LibO settings, and I have many, are working on the Linux version of LibO exactly the same.


Additionaly to @ROSt53 :

quick test, run from Commandline|Shell|eg:

path/to/soffice  -env:UserInstallation=file:///path/to/parentfolder of user