Import svg to Writer not working

Hi, I’m trying to import vectorial graphic (svg from inkscape) to libreoffice writer. It seems that have glitches and not render well (just an image and text). Is there a way to do this right? I’ve tried eps and svg options without success

In my experience, writer has problems with vector images, even Draw ones. In long documents it loses them, hides them, or refuses to print them, especially after any Undo, even if undo is unrelated to image. I now always enlarge the vector to 1.5-3 times size and take a screenshot, PNGs and GIFs are well behaved and, if colours are indexed, are small. Slow but not as slow as hunt the problem.


svg from inkscape

Inkscape can save in different formats; the internal formats seem to differ to LO’s internal formats. Same problem with SVGs from Wikipedia websites.


Best practice is to open and save SVGs in LO Draw (occasionally convert into bad format WMF), then insert in Writer.

I just opened a simple SVG (a single letter converted to path, created in Inkscape) in LO, then saved it from there. It still will not import as a macro icon. Maybe in this case, although LO gives the option of using SVG, you can’t.