Important add-ons/extensions not working in newer versions of Libre Office

Important add-ons/extensions not working in newer versions of Libre Office.

I use two add-ons regularly:
Accentuate, which enables me to write in all sorts of European languages by making it possible to use all sorts of accents. This works perfectly in version 4 of LO, but only partially in versions 5 and 6.
I also use something called aoo-pdf-import-0.1.0-macosx-x86-64.oxt and oracle-pdfimport.oxt, which allow me to open pdfs and edit them on a limited basis. Every few weeks, I add a new page to a long pdf document.

Neither of these will work with later versions of Libre Office. Why is that? Why does Libre Office lose important functionality every time its “updated” and “improved”. What can I do to correct this?

Thanks from someone who is not tech-savvy.

One reason why there is not up to date support for the Accentuate extension may be that the functions are largely provided already by the operating system and hardware. I would find it restrictive to only enter characters on LibreOffice. I hope these notes may be of some use.

The English-UK system and keyboard already handles the main keyboard entries, English, European accents etc (for example Ç è ç è ç é æ ß). Some similar facilities are available for a Mac, and you will find help for this on the Internet. Try searches such as “Mac-OS keyboard French accents”

You can also use INSERT > SPECIAL CHARACTERS to input any character on the selected font. This works well for the occasional characters. These will tell you the Unicode you can use for the technique below. This allows you to enter any of the 138,000 or so Unicode characters directly from the keyboard without any direct key. This can be useful for Russian, Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic etc.
I am afraid I do not have Mac knowledge to complete the options.

Unicode input for any Linux application. CTRL SHIFT U+ code e8 gives è, e6 æ etc.

Using Linux or MS Windows LibreOffice specific. In LibreOffice “e8 Alt x” gives ç e6 æ etc.

I am afraid I do not have Mac knowledge to complete the options but I assume similar function exists.


Extensions/add-ons are written and maintained by individuals. They are intended to enhance the functionality of LO but are not actually part of LibreOffice. Each of these mentioned in your question seem to be quite old without recent testing or enhancements for newer LO/AOO versions.

Only recourse may be to find the authors of the extensions and contact them about the problems or to find other extensions which may do what is wanted.

Pdf import is integrated in LibreOffice, open the pdf from LibreOffice and it will be open in Draw.

I just downloaded version six and found that it does, indeed, incorporate the pdf import/edit feature. I don’t know how I missed it before. I’m a bit embarrassed about that. I have heard that more recent versions of OSX have some way of typing accents. I’ve been so worried about losing the pdf import/edit feature that I’ve been holding on to LO version 4 and have avoided updating the operating system. I will look into it shortly.

Thanks for all your answers.

Steve S.

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