Importing .csv and Base requests newest JRE

I’ve tried to Import .csv files, no larger than 30 rows by 20 columns, into Base and despite installing the newest JRE for both my macOS desktop and my Win10 laptop LO refuses to cooperate. What is wrong?

I am loath to data-input my spreadsheets when the help says I should be able to import straight into Base. I’m taking that to mean that I should be able to create the database from the .csv and not set up the fields before importing.

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Needed Java for Base depends upon the OS used & the bitness of LO. You also need to insure the settings are completed in LO. Please see this post for further information → on firefox and have loaded java 32

Yes you can import by copying data from Calc to Base. See this post → how to convert a ods spreadsheet to and odb table


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