how to convert a ods spreadsheet to and odb table

I have a spread sheet of my inventory and would like to convert it to a data base file


Can be done in multiple ways. Both start with a Base file already created.

  • Create a new table in Base with specs of your data to be copied. Select & copy data from sheet. Right click on created table in Base. Insure table name is correct. Insure Append data is selected. Step through usint Next to verify info or Create depending on your confidence.

  • Basically same as above. Instead of creating table first, data should have heading for use as field names. Copy from sheet & paste into blank table area in Base. First dialog give table name (top of dialog) & insure Definition and data and Use first line as column names are checked. Step through with Next insuring correct field types are to be used (change where necessary).

More information on creating tables can be in the LO docs → LibreOffice Base Handbook. See chapter 3 - Tables.

noob here - the second method creates a “read-only” table, correct? Is there a way to use this method and create a table that will allow editing/deleting/adding of records? I have a spreadsheet with 50+ columns and I’d rather not have to copy the header from each cell and manually paste it into a table field name


No, it is NOT read-only. It creates a normal table. You do need to be more careful with verifying field types are assigned correctly as mentioned in the answer.

Problem solved, I think. Not sure if this has anything to do with my LO version (Version: x64) or my DB file type being that fox one, but my tables were coming up as read-only using the second method because I was not creating primary key during the table creation process, but trying to do it after. When I tried it again and checked the box to “create a new field as the primary key” during table creation, the resulting table did not come out as read-only. I had thought that I could create the table without a primary key and it would be read-only until after I added one, but IF it lets you add a primary key after a table is created in this manner, the table will stay read-only forever apparently. Thanks! and why is it that I can search and fiddle for hours and get nowhere but find the answer right after I post something dopey online, ha ha

Is there a way to keep the markup as HTML markup?