Importing data from web page using "link to external data"

Dear All,
This link link text has tables on different web pages and having same URL. I’m able extract data from 1st web page only then how about extracting data from other web pages having same URL ? Please note in order view the next web page click on “Previous year” in blue font.
Libre Office Calc Version :-,
OS :- Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Best Regards,
P. Harish

You can only get the data that are delivered on the first request. The other tables do not exist in the web page, but they are fetched by a JavaScript program which is started by a mouse click on “Previous year”. The data are likely not contained in any web page, but generated on the fly form a data base. The form uses ‘post’ method, so there is no information in the URL. I think, there is no change to get those data by linking to external table.