importing database to base

After a few weeks I’m able to create a table, form, queries and reports. I have recreated my appleworks shopping list database and begun making entirety’s. I’m up to 110 of over 800, and it is only one of the AW databases I want to bring over to LO. There must be a better faster way to do this!!

In the getting started guide one of the formats writer can open is ClarisWorks/Appleworks Document (.cwk), so can get the data from my AW database into a LO base with out doing it manually one record at a time? Remember I’m a beginner so no big wards, or deep concepts!

Thank you!

Tried to find a sample .cwk but no luck. However it seem you should be able to output a tab delimited file which can the be put into LO Calc. Once there, you can select all, copy and then paste into Base table.

Before trying this, make a backup of the Base .odb in case of problems. You don’t want to take any chance with what has been done already.

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