Importing DBF files into a database - Losing NewLine Chars

Hi All,

I’m helping someone move from FileMaker 2 running on MacOS 8.6 to an iMac running Mojave! I’ve exported the data to DBF files and can open them in Libre no problem.

From there, I’ve been Selecting All->Copy Then Paste into the Table section of a new DB I created.

The table gets created just fine, but there is a Memo field in the original DB with lots of lines of text. When I open the DBF files in Libre I see the line breaks, but when I copy-paste to create the Table, the line breaks are gone.
I have set the field type to Memo.



Can see your problem and I am using Ubuntu 20.04.x with Lo v7.1.3.2

There are some open bug reports regarding Base and line feeds. One in particular is tdf#128513. Of interest is the last comment in that post. This did work for me.

  • Opened the DBF file in Calc

  • Saved the Calc file

  • Created Base file using the Spreadsheet as basis

  • Copied that Sheet1 table to an HSQLDB based Base file

Multi line (text box with multi-line property set) showed on form created based on that copied file. Multi-line does not show in a table view (believe this is an open bug).