Importing docx file with a long table w/LO

I have a docx file that has a table in it that spans 5 pages. There’s nothing particularly complicated about the table - it is about 25 rows by 4 columns with text. LO Writer for the Mac only shows 2 pages of this overall 6 page document. Open Office (and MS Word for Mac 2011) open the file correctly. I can export from OO to ODT and LO shows the full document.

I can’t share the file due to the contents but was wondering why LO would have problems when it has handled other, more complex documents before.

I ask because I will eventually update my Mac from High Sierra to Mojave and when I do, the 32 bit version of MS Office will no longer work and I am looking to open source alternatives to work with legacy Office documents.

Yes, I understand I could just use OO but I am trying to understand the capabilities of LO. I assume that each has its strengths.

Please upload a sample document for better checking. Thks