Importing images into Base

Hi all.
Foolishly, I created and populated a set of database tables in Access (thinking erroneously the client used that) only to find they used only LO. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
So now I need to convert it over. I’ve exported the tables as spreadsheets, now I need to ensure that when I import them into Base the images show up as BLOBs, not just as filenames.
Can anyone suggest how to do that?

I read this as wishing to show the actual images (not filenames) in forms and records, when a column contains filenames.
This you can solve by using an image-control in a form or report. You bind this to the column with the filename and the picture will show.
If you really wish to work with BLOBs inside your database, this is a different topic.

Take care with your next steps. Base is no database itself, but connects to databases. It brings 2 databases with installation HSQLDB and Firebird, and default type is an embedded database inside the .odb file. If you are really thinking of integrated BLOBs, I would advocate against embedded databases, except for very small projects. So choose wisely…

When using Base with an embedded database (Firebird or HSQL), you should abstain from embedded pictures because of stability issues. You can store picture paths relatively to the database document. Just bind a form’s picture control to a text column. When you double-click the picture control, a file picker dialog with picture preview pops up. When you choose a picture file, the relative path is stored to the text column and the picture is shown in the picture control. Picture controls in reports work in the same ways.