Importing MS Access tables into Base, No option works. Using Linux Mint.

All of the (old) posts I’m reading refer to a ‘Connect to an existing database’ choice of ‘Microsoft Access’, but the MS Access choice Does Not Exist in my Libreoffice Base version

I am testing the ODBC selection, but it produces an error:

Could not load the program library or it is corrupted. The ODBC data source selection is not available.

I also tried to use the dBase import selection, but did not function. The dBase files browsed to were all grayed-out and appeared to not be accepted by Base.

Making Importation of Access and other DB formats simple would be a gigantic asset to Libre, I would think.

What would be the best fix?

Any advice appreciated.

It is my understanding this is available when using Windows OS. Personally I use Linux and it is not available. Instead, I use the UCanAccess connector - click here for link. Keep in mind, any connection will not have access to any forms.

In answer to the modified portion of question (ODBC) this older post may help - click here.


UCanAccess is a JDBC connector which works fine in Mint 18. Here are some further instructions on installation - click here.

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