Importing numbers from a separate worksheet

How do I import numbers from one worksheet to another so that when the numbers change on the the one the number is changed on the other?

Use external cell references, either type in the form


or see the help section To Reference a Cell in Another Document for how to do it by a more cumbersome point and click.

Note that you can pull / copy&paste such reference just like any other reference and the relative reference parts will be adjusted.

Values are updated when the current document is reloaded (after request) or upon manually updating linked values (Edit → Links to External Files…). Additionally values are updated if you have the other (source) document loaded as well and edit it, but only when the formula cell is recalculated; e.g. depending on a to be recalculated cell as well, or hitting F9 on it, or Shift+Ctrl+F9 for a hard recalc of the entire document.

Thank you so very much for your help

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