Importing psd images LibO6.0 vs LibO6.1

Hello everyone,

I have a customer that imports .psd images into libreoffice documents. And it still works with “normal” psds. But when he defines a transparent background in the psd, libreoffice throws an “unknown image format” upon “Insert → Picture” since version It has worked fine until version So my guess is they changed the import filter, and I’m wondering if I can just install the old filter somehow.

  1. Roll back to the previous version, or
  2. Grab the source code and compile your own build.

However, why stick to the 6.x branch? Maybe, it’s time to move to the latest version?

  1. Changing versions is not an option.
  2. see 1, also how would I know what I need to change?

Because neither the users nor we admins will be amused adjusting to all sorts of problems every time there’s a new minor release. One rollout per major version has to suffice.
And by the way it’s not fixed in LibO7.

If the problem persists even in the latest version, it looks like a reason for a bug report.

I confirm psd (by Photoshop CS5) with transparent background throws Unknown Image Format but with a normal background it imports correctly. If I drag the image onto the page a Section dialog is opened with the image referenced as a link but no display.

Workaround, open psd in Gimp and drag image onto page from there. It will be embedded as a png but for me the file size was so much smaller I had to open the archive to check the image size was unchanged.

Version: (x64)
Build ID: 144abb84a525d8e30c9dbbefa69cbbf2d8d4ae3b
CPU threads: 8; OS: Windows 10.0 Build 19042; UI render: Skia/Raster; VCL: win
Locale: en-NZ (en_NZ); UI: en-GB
Calc: CL

Also fail transparent psd in Version: (x64)

Bug submitted tdf#142629

every time there’s a new minor release

In LibreOffice, a “minor” is changing the third number. Changing both first and second numbers are equally major, and change from 5.4 to 6.0 was no greater than from 6.0 to 6.1.

Changing both first and second numbers are equally major

Ah thanks for the clarification. Makes me wonder why they dedicate 2 numbers to one version “tier”. Anyways, having more frequent rollouts than every change in the first number, which is once every 2 years, doesn’t seem practical for us.

[2021-06-10] Notification received: patched for LO 7.2.0. That is quick!

Re tdf#142629, psd is not central to LibreOffice use and might be dropped, bug report seems to have link to old filter. PNG might serve better as a format for the future.

Copying image from GIMP or Photoshop and pasting into Writer results in .png being saved within the document reducing file size compared to embedded psd. LibreOffice cannot edit any of the layers anyway and even GIMP does not fully support psd, see PSD support - GIMP Developer Wiki

Thanks for posting the issue in the bugtracker. It seems there’s no other way than compiling a custom version to install the old filter, which is something I can’t do. Too bad. Also unfortunately PNG does not support layers, so that’s not a proper replacement. Leaves me with the workaround of exporting to PNG.

It is what it is. Thanks everyone for taking the time helping with the issue.

That’s cool. And indeed quick. Will even be rolled out for 7.1.5. And what I can tell from the code it will be an actual fix, not removal of import psd functionality, like some suggested.